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Seminare und Beratung für Ausbilder:innen, Ausbildungsbeauftragte und Azubis

Azubis - Time Management and Self-Organisation

„Time Management and Self-Organisation“ for trainees

Your profit:

  • Your trainees know and follow the principles of office organisation.
  • Your trainees know how to organise themselves more efficiently and work well-structured.
  • Your trainees can handle their anxcieties and restraints and reflect their own work behaviour.
  • Your trainees create their very own checklists during the workshop for further use in their daily work.
  • Your trainees know how to use time management techniques.
  • Your trainees obtain self-assurance for the daily requirements in their work.

Your trainees will meet:

Other trainees of various professions, who want to improve their time management and self-organisation.

Your trainees will learn about:

  • how to define personal goals and how to think in goals
  • approaches to decision-making
  • the profits of prioritisation
  • various methods of time management, e.g. Pareto Principle, Eisenhower Method, ABC analysis
  • how to plan years, weeks, days
  • constructive approach to stress
  • how to identify and eliminate personal “time thieves” and stressors
  • how to establish an individual work organisation including filing techniques and helpful tools, e.g. timetables, charts and check lists
  • how to successfully shape information, organization, communication structures and transparency in a team
  • how to control their time management
  • how to stay focused
  • how to organize themselves as trainees

target group:

  • Trainees of all sectors
  • Trainees of all grades

training methods:

  • experience and member oriented training
  • comprehensible and compact imparting of knowledge
  • reflexion of personal behavior
  • according to number of members we offer video taping and feedback

Your investment in cost and time

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Seminare als Präsenz- oder Live Online-Seminar


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