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Seminare und Beratung für Ausbilder:innen, Ausbildungsbeauftragte und Azubis

Azubis - Presenting in English

„Presenting in English“ for trainees

Presentation skills for business and exam situations

Your profit:

  • Your trainees learn to speak with confidence to an audience.
  • Your trainees obtain sovereign appearance in business presentation and exam situations.
  • Your trainees improve their speaking skills and body language

Your trainees will meet:

  • Other trainees of various professions, who want to obtain poise in speeches and presentations.
  • Trainees who want to prepare themselves optimally for their oral exam.

Your trainees will learn about:

  • Who are my customers?
  • Success factor: rhetoric
  • Relevant English phrases for presentations and for leading discussions.
  • The basic rules of clear body language and movement.
  • How to improve the impact oft he own voice.
  • How to structure a successful presentation.
  • Useful tipps for powerpoint presentations.
  • How to handle stage fright and be open despite nervousness.
  • How to manage difficult situations such as in oral exams.
  • How to analyse and optimize the structure and display of a presentation for their exam.
  • Perfect communication without perfect grammar.
  • How to prepare for the particularness of an oral exam.
  • The fun in presenting.

target group:

  • Trainees of all sectors
  • We recommend this training to trainees of grades 2-3

training methods:

  • experience and member oriented training
  • comprehensible and compact imparting of knowledge
  • reflexion of personal behavior
  • according to number of members we offer video taping and feedback

Your investment in cost and time

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Seminare als Präsenz- oder Live Online-Seminar


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